Why choose Artistic Gourmet Adventures?

  • We ARE your Adventure Hosts. We do not farm you out to employees. You are the most important factor in our small group Adventures

  • We only accept, at the most, seven-ten Adventurers. Why? We don’t think that having a larger group is what our clients are looking for.

  • Our daily excursions are ‘hand-picked’ by us. If we haven’t enjoyed it, how can we expect you to?

  • Private, luxurious accommodations. This is YOUR home for the week. We are ON-SITE to cater to your every need.

  • You won’t get more custom than what we provide for you!

  • We have traveled internationally for the past 28 years.

  • We are based in the Loire Valley of France

  • Would you like to know more vineyards and wineries?  Would you like to explore more chateaux and historical sites?  How about an Adventure for poets or painters?  We can customize any Adventure for your small group!

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