Movement. Authenticity. Connection. Healing. Creativity. Playfulness.


I was born to move and guide others into their highest potential
I hold space and support extraordinary Human potential for anyone who wishes to move, express, heal and play.

My passion is to be so present that the truth is revealed. This is part of my magic. I work with intuition, joy, and over 18 years of experience in the fields of Somatic Movement and Healing.

Kate was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. She relocated to London with her family where she lived for over 25 years.

​Kate worked in London Theater with many of the British stars of stage and screen. She worked as an actress and also in costume.

​Kate came to the US in 2000 and devoted her time, energy and talent to opening her own movement and healing studio, Cosmotion, located in Ventura Ca.

​Kate is extensively trained, licensed and masterful in her teachings and practices of

Nia Technique, Moving to Heal, Conscious / Ecstatic Dance, Laughter Wellness, 5Stages’ – healing practice, Massage and Therapeutic Touch, Somatic Therapies, Private individual Sessions

​Kate opened her own movement, fitness and healing studio – Cosmotion – in Ventura Ca in 2004 as she witnessed a great need for holistic, playful and purposeful movement. People are seeking somatic practices which have depth, purpose, joy and community – Kate’s vision and abilities meet those needs.

​As our human consciousness develops and expands, it appears we crave and desire more and more to deeply and truly connect to ourselves and each other in ways which are meaningful and rich with all the delicious layers of our humanity.

Christopher Connolly

I am a life and mastery coach. I have been working in this field of dreams for over 20 years. I received a Masters degree in Spiritual and Applied Psychology from University of Santa Monica in 1996, and
am a Certified Soul Centered Life Coach. I served as faculty for the University of Santa Monica Masters program for over five years, and continue to work as Adjunct Faculty.
I have worked with men and woman of all ages, coaches, psychologists, and professionals from all walks of life. This experience became the basis for my approach in guiding and coaching others in attaining what they say they want. The basis in my coaching approach is informed from the viewpoint of the
mountain climber or guide. If one wants to climb to the top of a mountain it is important to find someone who has climbed the mountain. Many people would love to experience a deeply loving, passionate, joy filled relationship. One that is uplifting, true, and unconditionally supportive. They strive to find the right one, that perfect person who can make this dream come true. But few ever attain this kind of relationship. The truth is no one modeled this for most of us growing up, and so we have no reference in how to do it. If we find someone who has climbed this mountain, and mastered the skill set necessary to be in this higher level of relationship, our pathway becomes clear and we greatly increase our ability to attract it. The truth is this relationship begins on the inside and grows to a force which then attracts itself to itself. In this state one is already full and overflowing, and the entire purpose of relationship shifts from being one that is dependent and in need to one that is filled, and radiating love outwards. I also believe that unless one is willing to continue to grow themselves, learn, and strive to their highest potential, they will find it difficult to lead someone to their highest potential. It is an ExampleShip approach. Steven Covey is a great example and demonstration of this approach in relationship to his family. He demonstrated his work in the outside physical world, striving towards excellence and mastery, and brought this home modeling it to his family. He became what he was teaching.
Many clients come to me with a dream. One they have held their entire lives but never been able to achieve. So the basis of my coaching approach (the mountain climber), would ask “ If one is going for a heart felt dream that they have always wanted but never achieved, wouldn’t it be best to find someone who has done this and continues to do it?” The answer to that is yes. But that is only my humble opinion. Many would disagree, and that is okay. Many find tremendous success in  other ways, and God bless anyone who helps another on their journey forward. It is really about stacking the odds in ones favor.
As an example, and only to demonstrate this approach; when I wanted to achieve my heartfelt long held dream of composing, recording and orchestrating the most beautiful music held in my heart, I looked for someone who had done that. A coach that understood that path and could help lead me towards it in a way that I could understand and execute. I stacked the odds in my favor and I got what I wanted.
The truth is even though I had studied music at a prestigious institute, I had no idea how to bring this gift forward into reality. I released my first CD in 1996 entitled “Rivers of life, Music of the Angels”. It was a heartfelt dream, one that seemed unattainable to me at the time, but I was led by someone who did know, one who I love to this day. But this was a piano solo album, and I longed to be able to hear the
cellos and violins, and the rest of what I heard on the inside but did not know how to bring forward into reality. A coach helped me do this. A musical genius, who helped me bring forward my gifts and talents and taught me along the way. Thanks to this (mountain climber) and my courage and commitment to go for it and strive to bring my gifts forward, I realized my dream of releasing “Gifts from the Other Side”,
a CD that speaks of the love I feel in every note, and is fully orchestrated, a new skill I learned along the way. I currently spend my time doing the things I love best, working as a life and mastery coach, helping and guiding others towards their heartfelt dreams, and doing 5 Star retreats around the world with my amazing life partner Kate Nash. I believe that as a life coach, one who guides others to reach for their dreams, I must myself walk the hero’s journey, and go for my dreams with all I’ve got. I am
currently working on the release of a new CD to be released in 2020. It is entitled, “Collections of the Heart”.