Sunday, August 4 – Saturday, August 10, 2019


Early in the morning on June 6, 1944, about 156,000 Allied soldiers stormed a handful of beaches along the coast of Normandy, France. Although choppy seas and heavy German resistance prevented them from fully meeting their objectives that day, they were able to gain a crucial foothold. By late August, Paris had been liberated, and Germany’s surrender came not long afterward.  On this Adventure we will experience the two American landing points that, along with British and Canadian forces, kicked off the Allied invasion of Western Europe during World War II.

Join us for a full week of exploring and understanding the Normandy Invasion. Your co-host Dwayne Lee, along with Artistic Gourmet Adventures, will provide a week long Adventure where you will experience for yourself the emotion of standing where the soldiers stood and imagining through your eyes the events that took place.  Authentic Normandy accommodations, gourmet meals and daily excursions to the most important sites that remain to remind us today of the price that was paid for our freedom are all included.

About your co-host, Dwayne Lee:

“Operation Overlord: The D-Day Beaches Re-visited”

Full-filling a bucket list item, Dwayne Lee recently had the opportunity to visit the D-Day Beaches in Normandy, France and get a feeling of the area for the largest naval/ground invasion in wartime history on June 6, 1944.

Utilizing his photographic skills, he has been speaking though out the United States giving attendees a ground zero tour of the entire area of Normandy where the Allies launched their mission to liberate France and the rest of Europe from Nazi control.

Dwayne Lee, from Arlington, Texas, created Southern Flair Photography over 40 years ago as a single-man operation. Since then, he as built the business into one of the premier wedding and portrait professional photography studios in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Dwayne is also a Charter Member and Past President of the Arlington Sunrise Rotary Club and is on the Board of Directors with the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.