Bon Jour Adventurers!

Artistic Gourmet Adventures arranges Rail tickets from the closest major Airport. We will be making rail plans approximately one month prior to your departure date as this is when the largest choice of rail options becomes available. We will make every effort to reserve seats together for travelers within your Adventure. This is why we request flight information as soon as possible. We will then email the tickets to you for you to print at home. You must bring these tickets with you to France. The train conductor will pass through the rail car to scan the ticket. If you have never traveled on the French rail system, fear not, we have an in depth. step-by-step How-to guide on our website under this link  If you have any problems, please call us on our cell phone listed below.

The following are a few more travel tips. . .

France is the latitude of Oregon, hence the fantastic wine! The climate is mild and the weather is variable. We suggest you dress in layers. The most you will need is a light jacket or heavy sweater for cool evenings. Provence can be warm during the day, so we suggest linen or cotton clothing. Casual, comfortable clothes are the key. There is no need to pack formal clothing. The French dress in casual clothing that is in solid, muted tones. You may also want to pack a small travel umbrella for the stray rain shower that passes quickly.

Don’t forget. . .

The 3 oz rule for carry-on liquids. Any liquids over 3 ounces (as marked on the bottle-they won’t accept a half full 6 oz bottle) must be put in your luggage, preferably in a zip lock bag to prevent spillage.
Artistic Gourmet Adventures provides. . .
L’Occitane bath products-shampoo, conditioner, bath soap and lotion and your personal slippers.
Also the use of spa bathrobes, hair dryers and adapter plugs to charge your cell phones.

If you need new luggage, make sure you take advantage of the light weight suitcases available. This will allow you to pack more of the items you need. Speaking of luggage-it is wise to limit yourself to one piece of luggage (50# international limit) and a shoulder carry-on. Maneuvering with more is cumbersome, especially when traveling by train. You may also want to ‘decorate’ your suitcase with bright ribbon to quickly identify your suitcase at Baggage pick up. We always put our name and address and itinerary INSIDE the suitcase incase our baggage tag is removed.

Remember to photocopy your passport and credit cards (front and back) and carry the photocopies separately from the originals. It is also wise to make note of the phone numbers for your credit card companies in case of loss. Check into your credit card company international change fees. Some cards charge you for foreign purchases. If not too late, check out the Chase Sapphire Card with no foreign exchange fees and you can earn points toward air travel for your next Adventure!

Also, if time allows, you may want to apply for Global Entry. This allows you to speed through the Passport Control lines when you return home. We love it!

Before you leave home make sure you have made a decision regarding using your cell phone here in France or Scotland. Check with your cell carrier regarding international plans. Be sure to turn OFF cellular data and roaming before you land or you will be welcomed home with a whopping phone bill. Cell phones roam constantly if this feature is not turned off. All our accommodations offer free WIFI, though you may find the speed to be slower than you are used to. If you need data service on-the-go, we suggest ordering a TEP wireless device to bring with you. We have used it and it is great with awesome customer service it is mailed to your home about three days before your departure and you just mail it back when you return home!

TEP wireless

ATT offers Passport plan-




Please do not hesitate to email us with any questions you might have! We love hearing from you.
A Bientôt!

Kim and Walter Eagleton
Your Adventure Hosts
Kim’s cell phone for emergencies dial 940-390-5427 (text enabled)